A list of things that have been wrong in all the places I’ve lived.

I've lived in I think 4-5 of these. Triple Deckers.

I’ve moved a lot. Most of the places have sucked. This is a list of all the places I’ve lived and what was wrong with them. And the age I was when I left. All are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

West Roxbury – I don’t remember – 6 months

Newton – As far as I remember, this place wasn’t bad but my brother was getting born and we moved to a bigger place – 5/6 years

Pembroke – My parents live here – 20 years

JP (Forest Hills) – Mice, pigeons, back deck falling apart, crazy downstairs neighbor who had a sign outside his door that said : attn. Robbers, we have guns in English and in Spanish. He also left his hunting gear outside. 5 people lived in the apt. 2 of the roommates were insane. The heat only worked in my room. And I hate the heat. – 21 years

JP(Green Street) – Mice and asshole landlord – 22 years

Fenway – Is surrounded by 4 colleges. Enough said. – 23 years

Dorchester – It is in Dorchester. Roommate was an asshole, also insane and stole a hundred dollars from me. Neglected her cocker spaniel. Made me buy a 60 dollar bottle of Maker’s Mark because I opened one. She was also 38 and a public school teacher in Dorchester. She brought a 13 year old to court for hitting her. – 23.5 years

Somerville – (Union sq. Left side of Market Basket) – This one wasn’t bad. Nice neighbors, landlord was cool, quiet enough for a main road. Then they started doing major construction on the main road. It is ending tomorrow. – 25 years

Somerville – (Other side of Market Basket) – I had the biggest room in the apt. 3 girls who were all smart and funny. One of them was “in charge of the bills”, when I asked why I had to pay 25 dollars a month for cable when I don’t watch tv and asked to see the bills, she got pissed and it got weird. A few months ago I ran into this guy who took one of the rooms. He said it turned ugly.  – 25.5 years

Shelburne, Vermont – This apt was lovely. Except it was a condo in a complex. The condo association was bonkers. This also got ugly, especially for the bf. –  26 years

Cambridge – This was awesome. But it wasn’t our apt. It was the bf parents’. We only stayed for the summer. – 26 years

Greenfield – This was the worst place I’ve ever lived in my life. The apt wasn’t half bad, a renovated school from 1880. The neighbors were batshitfuckingcrazy. The one below us was a horrible drunk, got evicted in November and didn’t leave until March. He would blast music all day long. And not any music, the same shit over and over. Especially Fleetwood Mac (i hate that band), Eagles (also hate) and the Grease sound track. The police were called many times. The first time he ran up to our deck and started banging on the window shouting at us, telling us we are assholes. This was a horrible experience. Not going to get into detail.I guess I did. – 27 years

Medford – Current position. They are gutting and remodeling the whole lower floor. That’s all I’m going to say. I asked for a quiet apt. I have bad luck. The people who work on the house here are weird/crazy. One left his pot in the apt before we moved in. Another yelled at me for having the flu for a week and a half when I asked him to turn the radio off. He is installing new windows. – 27.99 years


  1. Jennifer Neal · October 23, 2010


    I am sorry you have had suck bad luck, Meghan Chiampa.

  2. mike simons · October 23, 2010

    super weird, can’t sleep and thought of you, probably because we have the same birthdays! Happy Birthday lady. Hope all if well.

    • Meghan · October 23, 2010

      Whoa! Happy Birthday to you too!

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